The Reckoners Trail

Building Relations...

The Posse spent a few hours trailing across the plains that surround Deadwood, putting a good distance between themselves and the raiding parties that would surely be heading out soon.
Treking through a few patches of dense forest Calver noticed the signs of Natives, waiting in ambush , they all rode slowly forward and true to Calvers word a small party of Sioux Braves appeared, surrounding the Posse with arrows notched and drawn.

The Posse dismounted and Calver presented the Talisman that Garett had given him, explaining that they needed to speak to Soaring Eagle and came in peace. The Braves asked for the guns they could see, and the Posse begrudgingly agreed.

They rode for several more hours and the sun bore down hot and bright overhead, eventually after many twists and turns the Posse were led over a small rise, a small chill of fear ran through the men as they saw the huge camp of Natives in the basin of several hills. At a rough estimate there was at least ten thousand gathered here.
The men were led down into the village and placed into a tent, which was closed and guarded, where they were left to sit for several hours, with no sign or sound of what would happen to them.

Eventually the tent was opened and the party were led into the main tent of the chieftains, inside was lushly decorated with furs and hides, the men were sat down in front of three Sioux wise men. Soaring Eagle, the oldest of the three sat in the middle, with a great fur cloak about his shoulders, he had long grey hair which was untied around his shoulders. To his right sat a younger man with jet black hair and stern features and a Braves build, this was Sitting Bull, an infamous Sioux Chieftain who had beaten General Custer a few years prior at the battle of the little big horn. On his left was a tall wiry brave who showed the signs of a warring life, he was introduced as Runs as Wolf.

Calver did the majority of the talking to the chieftains, and it seemed Soaring Eagle represented the three Chieftains. Calver explained the situation about the raiding parties, the beast that was unleashed in Deadwood and the one they had slain the day before.
Soaring Eagle retorted that the beast that they had killed was very different to the one they had encountered in Deadwood, once again raising suspicion within the group as to the giants wolfs origins.
When asked about why their trinkets were found around the cave where the beast was found, Soaring Eagle explained how it was an evil creature born in the badlands, and they were keeping it sealed in place to stop the evil spreading into the Sioux territory or Deadwood.
Soaring Eagle told them there was greater evil within the town and he would help them route it out and stop it if they would seek out and destroy the matriarch wolf that had spawned the creature they had hunted and killed in the hills.
The Posse agreed, but then Soaring Eagle informed them that they must honour the old ways in this hunt, use hand made stone knives and bows, instead of their mass produced firearms.
Hesitantly the Posse agreed, Soaring Eagle ordered Sitting Bull to go and pull the braves back from the plains, and lead the scalping parties away from the village, Sitting Bull seemed displeased with this curse of action and left the tent with a grim stern look upon his face, Soaring Eagle offered each man a small charm necklace so that the great nature spirit could watch over them in their quest to rid the badlands of a small evil.

Outside Shen Pao was once again called upon to demonstrate his martial skills against one of the Veteran Braves, they started a fist fight in the middle of the camp as sporting competition, a huge crowd of Sioux gathered, hollering and shouting for their Brave to win.
After a few searching punches Shen Pao delivered a devastating punch to the Braves face, then leapt into the air and sent him stumbling backwards to the ground with a spinning back kick.

The Brave was beaten, Shen Pao had earned a warriors respect and discovered the Braves name was Bearclaw.

When the group was led back to their tent, they found piles of SIoux Clothes waiting for them, Sanchez was the only one who eagerly gave up his cheap travel worn dirty clothes for the relative freshness of the animal furs and hide. Reluctantly the rest of the Posse followed suit, and prepared to be led out into the badlands.



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