The Reckoners Trail

Honouring the Old Ways

Dressed in Sioux clothes and wielding stone knives, bows and arrows the Posse found their horses had been unsaddled and they were forced to ride bareback across the rolling plains towards the badlands.
Escorted by Bearclaw and a few of the other braves the Posse were led for several hours across the unknown wilderness, slowly they could see the grass becoming dryer and sparser until ahead of them stretched an endless dry gulch of desert, littered with withered and twisted trees.
The braves left them there and told them where they could find the Matriarchs lair, they were told to look for a crater where a comet had impacted into the land years past.

The Posse’s horses were far too scared to continue into the badlands, and despite some heavy handed coaxing by Sanchez nothing the group could do would get the horses to step a hoof onto the parched desert.

So they continued on foot, uneasily, surrounded by long shadows and sinister whsipers carried in the wind.
It felt like days as they travelled through the scorched desert with no signs of life anywhere, eventually they saw three jagged rocks which stuck out of the ground, when they reached them they saw a black trail of cracked earth that broke into a rough hewn chasm of burnt rock.

They carefully trekked deeper into the ravine as the light faded around them, scratches and growls could be heard eminating from the darkness and the Posse prepared themselves for a savage fight.
As they continued downwards the growling got louder until they were met with a small pack of the beasts they had previously fought in the Black Hills. These were easily put down by Shen Pao who was in his element whilst everyone else was unarmed.

As the valley floor flattened out the group realised they were crunching across a huge pile of bones that stretched from wall to wall. They crept through it and just as they could make out a cave entrance, the bones began to rumble and move together, forming a huge mass of broken skeletons which turned its attention towards the Posse and swung its huge mace like arms in order to destroy the trespassers.
Shen Pao and Sanchez took heavy blows from the creature and everyones attacks seem to bounce harmlessly off its skeletal hide. Fortunately, Fitzgerald noticed a skull that seemed to be the centre of the creature, and with some very skillful bow work shattered the skull.
As Fitzgerald thought this did indeed destroy the creature, but it exploded outwards showering the party with bones, one of which caused a nasty injury to Fitzgeralds shoulder.

With the last hurdle overcome the Posse moved into the cave to face the Matriarch, a huge creature with six legs and long sharp teeth lining a savage maw, the few pups which remained assailed the Posse, who were firing upon the Matriarch to little effect. It moved forward, its merciless claws, sweeping in giant arcs, threatened to maul Sanchez and Shen Pao.

Calver stepped forward and threw a card through the air like a bullet, it carved into the creatures skull and ended its life, its body slumped to the ground, the evil energy dissipated from its great form, which started to crumple and deflate, its bones and flesh crunching into mush.

Sanchez was able to salvage most of the pelt, with deep slashes and gouges from failed attempts and the Posse were eager to make a retreat. Fitzgerald was last to leave, a large glistening rock in the cave roof had caught his attention, he immediately knew what it was…Ghostrock!

It took a few minutes but eventually Fitzgerald was able to secure his bounty, he hauled it back with him and out of the cragged ravine, where, after a brief search the Posse rounded up the horses and and sped away from the badlands.



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